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Welcome to the download hub.

Here, you can download current and past versions of Zombie Torrent 2. To download a release, find the version number of your preference and use one of the provided links. Attached to each download is the appropriate changelog.

The latest public version of Zombie Torrent 2 is:
If you have an old version, be sure to update!
Version: Pre-2.0
Changes in this version:
  • First ever possible public testing release
Version: 2.0
Changes in this version:
  • Yet another testing release, not quite official yet
Version: 2.1
Changes in this version:
  • Initial public testing release
Version: 2.2
Changes in this version:
  • Facemaw spit does less damage
  • Trader teleporting uses a new system
  • Stimpacks and backpacks have item auras now
  • Made a change to the blood to keep it from showing on wave 10 (overlay)
  • Dynamite has been reworked to hopefully be less buggy
  • Dual pistols and dual MP40s are no longer undroppable
  • Katana and chainsaw have temporarily been added to the trader under commando
  • Stimpacks no longer spawn on top of each other
  • Enemy movement is a tad bit smoother (Thanks Sgt. Mark)
  • Reduced cemetery raindrop count just a bit
  • Removed fog on MAP01
  • Slight change to M79 explosion
  • Fixed base variant deaths (again)
Version: 2.3
Changes in this version:
  • Eviscerators can only fire 20 bullets per burst (TODO: Fix stuttered animation)
  • Added new preview images to the perk select menu
  • ID of "YOU ARE NOW AN X" has been changed to not conflict with map title
  • Added nightvision for dark maps (Check keybinds to use it)
  • Selecting the same perk twice no longer resets your perk data
Version: 2.4
Changes in this version:
  • Cranus should now be added into the total zombie counter
  • Added sv_maxzombies CVAR to clamp the number of zombies on-map at once (Default 10)
  • Added sv_tradertime CVAR to control trader time (Default 45, <= 0 uses dynamic scaling)
  • Added an autologin feature which uses cl_username and cl_password
  • Facemaws spit less (TODO: Fix stuttered animation)
  • Night-vision battery is now drawn faintly when not in use
  • Red-screen filter with below 10 health has been changed to a blood overlay
  • "You must login to save perk data" has been changed to not conflict with map ID
  • Removed "resetting X..." debug message when picking a perk
  • Added muzzle smoke onto some of the weapons
  • Fixed casing sounds
  • Single MP40 spawns a decorative magazine actor when reloading
  • "Hidden" weapons can now be added to the trader (Mostly for spawn weapons)
  • Touched up on the unused explosive Order Pistol ammunition and added to trader
  • Trader sell menu shows only the weapons that are in your inventory
  • Lowered Facemaw explosive resistance from 75% to 50%
  • Added a healthbar for General Roasterock
Version: 2.5
Changes in this version:
  • Explosive pistol ammo no longer teamkills players
  • Lowered Eviscerator explosive resistance from 75% to 30%
  • M79 has new animations
  • Fixed explosive deaths for blue and lavender base zombies
  • Some zombies have more appropriate gibbing animations based on type (Facemaw, etc.)
  • Dogs have proper death sounds now
  • Added more sounds to gibbing
  • Doubled M79 explosive damage
  • Tweaked the C4 death delay to fix bugs
  • Added new sounds and decals to facemaw vomit
  • Upgrade menu shows money now
  • Added cl_perkdebug for debugging perk XP, XP goal, and level
  • Added sv_startmoney for adjusting starting money
  • Added the ability to throw money to other players (check keybinds)
  • Dual weapons now get proper perk ammo bonuses
  • C4 is a tad bit more satisfying to use
  • C4 no longer insta-kills enemies when a tossed C4 hits them
  • Made explosions sexier
  • Greatly revamped cl_zombiedebugger to show much more information
  • C4 bomb no longer shows if you are out of ammo
  • Added muzzlesmoke to the M79 buckshot fire
  • Added zt_resetperks command to reset all of your perks
  • Selling all of your guns no longer glitches the trader menu
  • Map title and author are now centralized to a main library
  • Map name / author are no longer shown to every player when a player joins
  • Brightened MAP03 by 16 light units
  • Removed music / trader "added X" messages when starting a map
  • "You must login to X perk data" is no longer shown in singleplayer
  • Log messages in the trader now show properly in multiplayer
  • Explosive Order Pistol bullets shake the screen properly
  • Order Pistol uses built-in ammo mechanics now
ZT2 by Zedek the Plague Doctor - 2016