Mod Features

What does ZT2 offer?

Having been in development for a number of years, ZT2 is nearing its status as a bug-free, polished mod. With Zombie Torrent 2, we try to bring something just a tad bit different to those bland old random-monster invasion mods. Instead, the torrent of zombies brings forth a fun, happy, completely non-bloody experience that's fit for all ages.
What's in it for the kids?

Satisfy your crazy gambling urges with ZT2's built-in slots system.
Yet another Zandyland mod where you can paint the walls red. But this time, it's juicy.
Quality over quantity, or so they say. Why not both? Use chainsaws, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.
No more stock invasion gamemodes. ZT2 runs on the Cooperative gamemode and uses its own wave system, made with love.
Picking up guns around the map? Randomized weapon lockers? Lame. Use a mouse-controlled menu to buy all your cool toys.
Want a new playlist? New trader items? Slot cards? You've got it. Mods are our game.
Select a playstyle that fits best for you and level it up. Utilize Zandy's database system to perma-save your XP.
ZT2 by Zedek the Plague Doctor - 2016