Ludicrous Gibs

Paint it red, you say?

Yes, ZT2 has developed a pretty decent gore system. Coded from scratch, it has lots of bloody things to offer the player. Aside from the normal painting of the walls, there are some other things too:

Ceiling Drippers
Splatter an enemy's guts onto the ceiling and floor, make it rain blood. Cover the whole ceiling and listen to those sweet droplets.
Zombie Heads
Although they may not be kickable, each zombie shoots out a gibby little head. May be shootable in the future, who knows?
Every important bloody extravaganza of a mod has to have headshots. Zombie Torrent 2 is no exception, allowing headshots on its gruesome foes.

Every zombie is gibbable, explosions are the mechanisms of suffering.
Go have fun!

ZT2 by Zedek the Plague Doctor - 2016