Extreme Moddability

Modding a mod?

As you may have already noticed, Zombie Torrent 2 draws heavy inspiration from the likes of Killing Floor. What's more fun than carrying around an arsenal of custom guns and mowing down some monsters? Luckily, we've brought this same concept into ZT2. When we say "by modders, for modders," we mean it!

Zombie Torrent 2 has extensive built-in modding support for a lot of its core features, such as...

The Playlist

You may have seen those oddly-placed blood splats on the left side of the screen with text in them. These show off the title and artist of the currently playing song. By default, Zombie Torrent 2 uses special libraries to store all of the information in its song playlist. As a result, adding and removing songs with separate mods is easier than ever.

Want to add some of your favorite songs into the ZT2 playlist and jam out to them while you battle? Do you have your favorite metal WAD around, but don't have any playlist information for it? Want to scrap the whole playlist and create one from scratch? You can do so within a matter of minutes.

Here's some more info about the playlist system.

  • Uses "battle" tracks for combat and "ambient" tracks for tradertime
  • Displays song name and artist on the screen when playing a track
  • Song information is stored in a separate file for easy modding
  • ACS file comes pre-coded with functions for adding your own songs

Get rocking.

The Trader

Yes, even the trader is moddable.
Like the playlist, Zombie Torrent 2's trader system heavily utilizes libraries. The list containing the trader's inventory is stored in a separate script, and said script has lots of useful functions for manipulating the shop. You can clear out the entire trader and add brand new weapons if you desire, or pop in a few custom ones to play around with. Your choice!

Now for some under-the-hood information about the trader:

  • Supports dual variants of weapons (Allows buying a gun twice)
  • Allows "hidden" weapons to be added for upgrade compatibility only
  • Supports weapon discounts based on which perk you're using
  • Stores all weapon information in a complex list, easily moddable

Make the trader your bitch!

Slot Machine Rolls

Causes the player to run 100% faster for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: GOOD

You didn't think we'd forget about those fun slots, did you? The slot mechanics are moddable as well. The slot machine system stores all of its cards in a semi-complex list of easy-to-read variables. Since this system was coded later, it's a lot more fine-tuned and polished compared to the other moddable systems. Modding the slot machine is possibly the easiest thing you can do with ZT2.

  • Stores card script, icon, etc. in multiple arrays
  • Cards can be added with a single line of code in a script
  • One script can use a switch statement to have multiple effects
  • On-screen effects can also be drawn for long-length items

Isn't modding grand?

More of ZT2's base mechanics will be moddable in the near future. For now, enjoy the work that we've put into all of the marvelous customization.

ZT2 by Zedek the Plague Doctor - 2016