Slot Machine System

How It Works:

Zombie Torrent 2 has a fun-filled slot machine system, triggered when you kill a certain amount of monsters. With each roll, the three icons at the top of the screen shuffle through the various available cards. If you happen to match three of the same card, an effect is triggered. Based on certain cards, the effect may change. This document aims to point out the various cards and their purposes.

No Explosives Allowed
Removes all grenade-like items from the player's inventory.
Slot Type: BAD
Causes the player to run 50% faster for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: GOOD
Supply Drop
Gives the player a large ammunition boost.
Slot Type: GOOD
Grants invulnerability for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: VERY GOOD
Causes the player's health to regenerate for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: GOOD
I Like Turtles
Makes the player run 50% slower for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: BAD
Causes the player's view to randomly shift and skew for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: VERY BAD
Instantly reduces the player's health to 5%.
Slot Type: VERY BAD
Flying High
Grants temporary flying abilities to the player for 30 seconds.
Slot Type: GOOD
Supply Drop II
Gives the player a random weapon.
Slot Type: VERY GOOD

Server / User CVARs:

The slot machine system in Zombie Torrent 2 is heavily moddable, especially with its extensive use of CVARs. These can be set in the console, and are as follows:

Server CVARs:
sv_slotenabled Controls whether or not the slot system is enabled. 1
sv_slotwinchance The chance of forcing a win, in percent 5
sv_slotbadchance Chance of a REALLY bad card showing in the shuffle 20
sv_slotgoodchance Chance of a REALLY good card showing in the shuffle 20
sv_slotmonsters How many monsters must be killed to trigger a shuffle 4
User CVARs:
cl_effectcolumns How many columns the item effects can display at once 2
cl_effectpadding Padding in pixels between slot items 2
ZT2 by Zedek the Plague Doctor - 2016